3" Desserts

See all 9 of our 3 inch tortes here: icon  New_3_Inch_Tortes_Brochure.pdf (1063 KB)

 From left to right:


Layers of coffee-soaked chocolate cake and
espresso mousse, chocolate truffle ganache 
and feulletine.



Layers of espresso-soaked lady fingers and
tiramisu cream. Topped with cocoa powder
and marble shavings.


Black Forest

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, whipped
cream, cherries, Crème Brulée disc, topped
with chocolate shavings.


Chocolate Marquise 

Layers of hazlenut cake and chocolate
mousse. Topped with choclate sauce and


Mango Mousse

 Layers of yellow cake and mango mousse.
Delicious mango chunks mixed with






Key Lime Pie 

Key lime pie made with real key lime juice
on top of traditional graham cracker.







Red Velvet

Layers of red relvet cake and cream cheese
mousse. Topped with red velvet cake